Marcos Assayag

Year Inducted: 2015

Marcos Assayag

Marcos Assayag is a visionary and a leader who significantly influenced the direction of technology for floating and subsea systems in deep and ultra-deep water, leading to important innovations in the development of offshore oil and gas for Brazil and the world.

In late 1980’s, while only in his mid 30’s, he was assigned to lead Petrobras PROCAP 1000 (Production Capability-1000 meters), a technology development program for deepwater production systems. This multi-dimensional, multi technology effort was launched to improve capabilities and skills in deepwater oil and gas production. The initial effort was soon followed by PROCAP 2000 and PROCAP 3000, which Assayag led and managed. Assayag’s management and leadership skills were significant to the success of PROCAP and the resultant increase in Brazil’s offshore oil production. The overall result, at least partially attributable to Assayag’s leadership, is that Brazil became the world’s leading producer of deepwater oil and gas by the early 2000’s.

A partial list of PROCAP technological advances in many areas of offshore oil development included flexible and fixed risers, flow assurance technologies, conventional and lightweight moorings for floaters, and subsea separation and processing.

Certainly, there were many individual and team contributions by Petrobras employees, consultants and external companies. Assayag’s role, a very capable technologist himself, was to manage the overall extensive work, but even more importantly, to provide leadership in the overall vision and direction of the effort. His vision and leadership reflects his pioneering spirit.

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