Jack Regan

Year Inducted: 2005

Jack Regan

Jack first worked at his family’s oil tool company when he was eleven years old as a night watchman during the depression. He studied engineering at Louisiana State University and enlisted in the Navy, December 1941. He was commissioned as an officer and received his aviator wings in July of ‘43. Jack was stationed in the Pacific at the end of World War II.

Following the war, Jack returned as a salesman for the California based Regan Forge and Engineering Company. The company produced numerous parts and pieces of equipment to support the oil industry. In the 1950’s, Jack Regan, then VP of sales for the company, observed early efforts to drill and produce under the sea and recognized the limitations of current technology. He foresaw the need for diverless subsea systems to permit safe drilling in waters beyond the depth of conventional deep-sea divers.

Jack and his team of skilled engineers along with sales and service hands developed an impressive list of subsea drilling and completion systems including the first drilling riser tensioning system, a pressure-balanced ball joint connector, a diverless subsea Christmas tree, drilling riser with integral kill and choke lines and an under-the-ice subsea production tree. The diverless trees featured acoustic release/reentry buoys, J-lay flowline connections and vertical stingers, through-the-flowline downhole tools, remote guideline connect and release tools, a through-flow subsea wellhead system and an emergency production riser release connector. The Regan Diverter System, which became a standard piece of equipment on floating drilling vessels throughout the world.

Jack led the team that developed a total drilling and completion system for 2,400-ft of water integrated with an ROV for primary completion and emergency shutdown operations. As a result of his vision and perseverance, his company, then named Regan Offshore International, was recognized world wide as the leader in offshore enabling technology, subsea drilling, completion, and production equipment.

Jack retired in 1982 and at that time he was President of Regan Offshore International, and a Director of Hughes Tool Company.

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