A Salute to Offshore Innovators

Oilfield Energy Center's Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes those persons and technologies that took the industry to sea. Our Pioneers are individuals who distinguish themselves and become the character of the industry through their vision, drive, innovation and leadership.

Industry Pioneers distinguish themselves as they stand out clearly as leaders in the birth of a nation, movement or industry, and are recognized as pioneers. Previously recognized: famous firefighter “Red” Adair; engineering giant Brown & Root founders Herman and George R. Brown; Ralph Thomas McDermott, who founded the offshore drilling and platform construction company J. Ray McDermott; rig designer and drilling contractor Alden J. “Doc” Laborde; and oil company tycoon Dean McGee.

Pioneering technologies are those innovations that stand out in the development of the offshore industry and its resources. The Hall of Fame also honors the individuals and companies that contributed to the development of technologies. Pioneering technologies enshrined in the Hall include the development of drillshipsjackup drilling rigssupply boats and helicopters. The Hall also recognizes the offshore industry’s environmental feats as well as its ongoing dedication to safety.

In 2000, the Pinnacle Award was established to honor contemporary individuals for their contributions and inspirational leadership to the offshore industry.

In 2013 the Founding Pioneer Award was established to recognize an individual or individuals whose business acumen or technological skill played a key role in the successful development of the international offshore industry. To be eligible, the honoree must have created a business or method that became an industry standard before the first offshore well was drilled, and that enabled the transition from land to offshore.

In 2016, the Industry Champion was established to recognize important adhievements of individuals who are recognized leaders in the offshore energy arena.

For more information or questions about nominations to the Hall of Fame, please contact us.

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