Energy Pioneers Podcast

Stories from the Pioneers of the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Energy Pioneers Podcast 

Welcome to the Energy Pioneers Podcast, a show dedicated to the legacy of the pioneers of the offshore oil and gas industry. Each episode features stories of industry pioneers whose leadership, grit, and technological expertise built the modern offshore industry in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world.

For more than two decades, the Oilfield Energy Center (OEC) in Houston has honored these legendary men and women by inducting them into its Hall of Fame. The stories you will hear are from the Hall of Famers themselves, who’s original interviews with the OEC have been digitally remastered and preserved for posterity. Many of these pioneers are no longer with us, and so this podcast series is a way to memorialize their achievements and to pass on lessons learned to the next generation. Energy historian, Dr. Jason P. Theriot, hosts this series and guides listeners through the amazing careers of those Hall of Famers who built the modern offshore industry.

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Episode 1: Margaret McMillan and Offshore Survival Training

Margaret McMillan was internationally recognized as an expert in the field of sea survival technology. She contributed to improvements in work vests, life jackets, and inflatable life vests. She spearheaded the development of the Marine Survival Training Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and served as a consultant to that center. She was a founding member of the International Association for Sea Survival Training. She was founder and president of McMillan Offshore Survival Technology, and was involved in aquatics as a competitor, teacher, trainer and program innovator for many years. McMillan was the first woman to be inducted into the OEC Hall of Fame because of her pioneering efforts in the field of offshore safety, which benefit thousands of offshore workers.

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