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Ladies in the Offshore Industry
A virtual Career Fair was held February 9, 2022 featuring “Ladies in the Offshore Industry”.  These ladies work for Transocean on Drill ships on site and in the office.  They include Ally Cedeno: Assistant Driller and Founder and President of Women Offshore; Vishruti JakHar-Assistant Rig Manager; Despoina Bouchi-Senior Operations Engineer; and Dana Rasco-Supervisor, Offshore Recruitment.

Young Professionals from LCISD
A virtual Career Fair was held December 1, 2021 featuring three young Professionals that graduated from Lamar CISD schools. Tyler Tekyl graduated from Terry High School,  Michelle Noto graduated from Foster HS and Lynda Hlavaty graduated from Lamar CISD HS.  Two offered to help find internships in their companies.
These thirty year olds presented polished presentations definitely worth viewing!

Schlumberger –  Delivery Lead Technician
Listen to Tyrol Beltz describe his job as a Job Delivery Lead Technician for Schlumberger.

Formation Of Reservoir Rock | Oil & Gas Animations – YouTube
Learn how hydrocarbons are formed in source rock, how they migrate to reservoir rock, and are confined by cap rock, and what effect plate tectonics has on this process.

Learn Oil and Gas with Animations – YouTube
See how seismic technology is used to locate hydrocarbons and how different kinds of production facilities retrieve these resources.

In 360: Life on an Oil Rig- BBC News – YouTube
In this immersive video, one worker takes you around the Shearwater platform in the North Sea. You control the camera – so look up, down, and around, and experience life aboard an oil rig.

Drilling Rig Tour – YouTube
Take a tour of a Schlumberger drilling rig in Ecuador. You’ll see the environment the field personnel work in, and some of the innovative technology they apply on a daily basis.

Interactive Rig –
The modern drilling rig is a complex piece of machinery designed for a single purpose – to drill oil, gas or geothermal wells. The Interactive Rig module helps you learn more about the equipment and layout of drilling rigs.

OEC Career Fair Presentation – YouTube
Listen to industry professionals as they describe their role within the oil and gas industry during the annual OEC Career Fair.

Website Links

Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

American Petroleum Institute site provides information on origin of petroleum, industrial technology, and petroleum products.

AADE: American Association of Drilling Engineers
The American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) is an all volunteer organization made up of an affiliation of independent chapters licensed by the National Board.

Alternative Energy Institute
The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI)

EIA Kids’ Page
US Energy Information Administration.

Energy Education Fund
Their goal is to facilitate unique and engaging educational programs for students across the Appalachian Basin, and the teachers that support them, to grow a new wave of workers in the energy industry. 

Energy Hog
Learn how to improve energy efficiency in your home.

EnergyQuest Room
Energy education especially for kids from the California Energy Commission. Includes projects, experiments, and descriptions of many types of energy.

Energy Sites for Kids – Nicor
Nicor supports education at every age. We offer free classroom materials, resources and opportunities for scholarships.

Energy4me is an energy information resource for elementary and secondary educators.

NEED-Nation Energy Education Development Project
Promotes energy awareness through education and networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders. .

Oil and Gas for Britain: Education
The voice of the offshore industry.

Oil on my Shoes
Oil On My Shoes will help you understand the science of Petroleum Geology,

School Science
The Association for Science Education.

Serpent Project
SERPENT is an exciting collaboration with the gas and oil industry providing scientists with access to cutting-edge ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) technology for deep-sea research.

The Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (TEEAC).

TXOGA has teamed up with the Oilfield Energy Center to bring the Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit (MOLU) to schools across the State of Texas. 

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