Pioneering Technologies Award Nomination Form

Oilfield Energy Center 2021 Hall of Fame Pioneering Technologies Award

The Pioneering Technologies Award is to recognize important technologies and the development of those technologies by individuals, companies, organizations and/or institutions in the fields of offshore technology and may be awarded upon recommendation from the Hall of Fame Committee and the approval of the Board of Directors of the Oilfield Energy Center. Presentations will be made during the Ocean Star Gala to be held at such time and place as the OEC Board may designate.

The Award currently consists of:

  • A plaque to be mounted on a wall at the Ocean Star.
  • An award gifted to the individual that represents the honoree by attending the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


The conditions of eligibility are as follows:

There are no limitations regarding origin. A joint award may be given to more than one individual or company/organization/institution with each recipient being presented a separate award bearing the OEC emblem and the year of the award. The terms company, organization and institution shall include any size or type of commercial organization, governmental agency, educational or research institution, or professional or technical organization.

The candidates do not need to be present to receive the award. If a company has been acquired, the company which acquired the original company will receive the award. For a company that only acquired the assets, the original company will be recognized even though there is no one to receive the award.

To be eligible for nomination and consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee, as a Pioneering Technology, the following definition should apply:

“Technology evolves from the fertile minds of individuals, and is nurtured by the culture and vision of companies and organizations. The oil and gas industry, especially the offshore, owes its existence to the development and application of technology to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges in the search for energy. Certain technologies stand out as milestones in the development of our offshore resources. We honor the organizations and individuals who dreamed, who believed, who struggled, and who supported, and who achieved their prize and the innovations they used in their success. These are the technology pioneers.”

To be eligible, an individual or company shall have made significant and identifiable technical achievement in or contributions to any field of offshore technology. Examples include, but are not limited to, contributions in the design or invention of equipment tools or technical services; contributions to knowledge or the literature of offshore technology; outstanding technical service to the community, or organizations, or governments, or to safety and the environment.


The procedure to be followed by the Hall of Fame Committee in securing nominations shall include:

The Committee shall be responsible for receiving nominations for the Pioneering Technology Awards. The Committee shall solicit nominations from industry organizations, previous Pioneers honored, individuals, and companies.  Nominations will be closed on AUGUST 31, 2020.

The Hall of Fame Committee shall be responsible for obtaining from the nominator(s) such information and data as is required for the Committee’s evaluation of the eligibility of the proposed Pioneer Technology Award recipient. Such information and data shall be provided by completing an approved Awards Committee Nominating form. The form has been designed to include the minimum required information for each nomination. If the approved form or sufficient information is not received by the Hall of Fame Committee on or before AUGUST 31, 2020 the nomination will not be considered for 2020; however, it will be automatically submitted for future years.

To be eligible for nomination, the technology nominated shall have made a distinct and unique contribution to, or achievement in, any field of offshore technology, which may include the design or development of tools, equipment, techniques, vessels, instruments; or significant contributions to engineering or scientific knowledge that have contributed to the development of the offshore environment or resources.

Form must have items with this symbol * completed; please complete other items if known.

Please circle which of the following categories best covers the nominated technology:

Please identify any companies and/or individuals which you recognize as being associated with the origin of this pioneer technology. Please note the field to include the name of the company he/she was associated with when the contribution was made and add a one sentence explanation why each individual or company/agency is being listed at this stage, with the clear understanding that there will be further vetting:
Please list below the mailing addresses and telephone numbers of those company (ies) and/or individuals listed above, if available. If a company has been acquired or bought out by another company, please also give that information. (Note: addresses and/or phone numbers for individuals is of the utmost importance.)

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