Yusif AliQulu oglu Safarov jointly with Agha Gurban oglu Aliyev

Year Inducted: 2004

Yusif AliQulu oglu Safarov & Agha Gurban oglu Aliyev

These two men were responsible for the first drilling 25 miles offshore and the discovery made on November 7, 1949 at a depth of 1100 meters. This island complex later covered 4 miles x 4 miles. One was the Offshore Engineer, the other was the Geologist responsible.Agha Gurban Oglu Aliyev

Aliyev held a doctorate in Geology and Mineral Sciences. In 1945 when offshore started in the Caspian Sea he was charged with the development of appropriate geologic structures. He discovered many of the current oil fields. He was also a well known teacher at the Oil Academy.Later he became the Director of Geology at the State Oil Industry Science Research and Project Institute. He was widely published with 3 textbooks and 150 study works.

Yusif Safarov was Deputy Head of the Exploration Drilling Trust which was responsible for determining exactly where they should drill. He co-led the team with Dr. Aliyev. He was the designer of offshore platforms in the Caspian. In 1939 Y. Safarov began to study the problems of theory and practice of offshore drilling and as a result in 1944 wrote his University thesis on “Deep Drilling Offshore”. In 1941 he directionally drilled a well in Baku Bay. He was one of the key developers in the offshore multi-sectioned platforms customary in the region.

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