Philip D. Rabinowitz

Year Inducted: 2008

Philip D. Rabinowitz

Dr. Philip D. Rabinowitz is a Professor of Geology & Geophysics and Oceanography, and holder of the D. B. Harris Endowed Chair in Geophysics at Texas A&M University. His scientific studies focused on evolution of continental margins, plate tectonics, mapping of the deep ocean floor and ocean technology.

In the course of Dr. Rabinowitz’s research, he has spent several years aboard scientific research vessels. He has been Chief Scientist on more than 15 expeditions, including those operated by Columbia University, University of Capetown, the Deep-Sea Drilling Project, and the Ocean Drilling Program.

Dr. Rabinowitz had a pivotal role in the formation of and bringing the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) to Texas A&M University in 1983. He served as the inaugural Director of the ODP. At the time, this program, was the largest and most prestigious basic international research program for the earth and ocean sciences.

For all his work as Director, the National Science Foundation presented ODP a Meritorious Service Award, the first of its kind ever awarded.

14 March 1942
Brooklyn, New York

City College of New York
BS Physics 1964
Columbia University
Ph.D Marine
Geophysics 1973

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