Myron Rodrigue

Year Inducted: 2012

Myron Rodrigue

A native of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Myron Rodrigue’s career path took him from Scotland to Dubai, and most significantly for the offshore industry, to the US Gulf Coast.

As a young engineer with McDermott in the 1970’s, Myron was selected to be Project Engineer for the record-setting Cognac platform project. His pioneering innovations drove the fabrication engineering, load-out and installation of this mega project. He adopted the first high-tech measuring technique to build large fixed platform legs based on uniform temperature settings of the steel. Myron also worked on Shell’s Boxer platform and the topsides for Conoco’s Hutton TLP, the world’s first tension-leg platform, in the North Sea.

In 1985, Myron joined Gulf Marine Fabricators, a subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons, to manage the Bullwinkle project in Ingleside, Texas. The Bullwinkle jacket project, one of the tallest fixed platforms ever constructed and weighing 50,000 tons, established Gulf Marine as one of the largest industrial enterprises in the Gulf Coast area. In 1991, Gulf Marine entered into a joint venture with Norway’s Aker Maritime to become Aker Gulf Marine. During this time, Myron was involved with some of the major construction work for tension-leg platforms in deepwater including Shell’s Mars and Ram Powell platforms.

In 2001, Kiewit sold its interests in Aker Gulf Marine, and established Kiewit Offshore Services with Myron Rodrigue at the helm as President. Myron led the development of Kiewit’s 13,000 ton Heavy Lift Device used to lift and integrate modules on to other major projects such as BP’s Thunder Horse, Atlantis, and Enterprise’s Independence Hub. Kiewit Offshore has become one of the leading offshore construction firms in the industry and continues to attract major deepwater business, as well as defense-contract work.

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