Marvin Odum

Year Inducted: 2011

Marvin Odum, Jr.

Marvin Odum, Jr., began his oil industry career at Hydril Company during high school. In 1960, his work focused on premium OCTG connection technology in jobs ranging from sales-service through management, including expanding Hydril’s business worldwide. In 1981, he became president of Superior Supply Company’s premium thread division and later ran his own company, Tellin Enterprises.

Circa 1984-85, at the suggestion of a Shell Oil associate that a premium flush joint thread connection for large diameter offshore conductor casing (drive pipe) could significantly reduce time and costs of offshore operations, Marvin and partner Paul Pigue founded XL Systems (now NOV) with a small staff, including Tom Blose, an established designer of premium pipe threads. By mid-1986, Blose had developed a so-called flush joint wedge connection for casing from 20-in. to 72-in.OD. XL Systems, with one thread- cutting machine introduced the new connection in the Gulf of Mexico. It was received with wide acceptance due to of its distinct operational and economic advantages. By 1997, the company was operating from Texas, Singapore and the Netherlands supplying wedge thread technology worldwide. XL was acquired by EVI, which retained Marvin as its head.

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