Howard L. Shatto

Year Inducted: 2000

Howard L. Shatto, Jr.

A world-respected innovator in the areas of dynamic positioning (DP) and remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs), Howard Shatto led in the design of the first subsea wellheads for drilling and production using an ROV (called MOBOT). He conceived the world’s first automatic control for DP on Shell’s Eureka core drillship in 1960. It controlled surge, sway and yaw independently and resolved thruster commands, a procedure followed on the more than 1300 DP systems built since then. Shatto led development of the DP and reentry systems for the Sedco-445, the world’s first DP oil exploration drillship with riser. For the past ten years he has served on the Technical and Engineering Committee of the Joint Oceanographic Institution Ocean Drilling Program.

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