Frank Mosing

Year Inducted: 2007

Frank Mosing

If anyone can claim making his name a “household word” in the oilfield it would be Frank Mosing. His companies, Frank’s Casing and Frank’s International are known worldwide for their competence in casing oil and gas wells, both on land and offshore. Today, Mosing’s pioneering vision continues under the capable guidance of his son and grandson, Donald and Keith Mosing respectively.

Mosing was born in Oklahoma in 1904, and spent many tough years laying pipelines. Moving to Louisiana in 1934, he was convinced that success lay with hard work and dedication to customer service.

At the same time, Mosing put strong emphasis on technical research, leading to development of hydraulic power tongs, pipe connectors, wellbore cleanup tools and data tracking systems that added efficiency and safety to company operations. With superior experience, efficiency, service and safety, Mosing built a business that has lasted for three generations.

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