Beldon E. Fox, Sr.

Year Inducted: 2008

Beldon E. Fox, Sr.

Beldon E. Fox, Sr., owner of Red Fox Industries in New Iberia, Louisiana, was responsible for solving one of the offshore industry’s most pressing and unique problems of the 1970s: handling sewerage from all offshore manned rigs, platforms, workboats etc. Under an EPA order, all such facilities had to be provided with a Marine Sanitation Device (sewer treatment equipment) under threat of having to shut-in operations. Oversight was provided by the U.S. Coast Guard. At the time, no such equipment existed and even experts in the field deemed the problem insolvable. The Red Fox Unit developed by Fox and his team became the industry standard and for many years was the only device that met Coast Guard requirements. At one point, over 3,000 installations were in service worldwide with the company ultimately serving 85% of the U.S. market and a large share of the overseas market.

24 December 1907
Oakland, Oklahoma

12 January 2003

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