Antonio Silvestri

Year Inducted: 2006

Antonio Silvestri

During his working life Antonio Silvestri has played a major role in the offshore construction industry. A mechanical engineer from Milan University, he joined the ENI Group in 1954 and worked within this group until his retirement in 1991, joining the Saipem Division when it was formed in 1956 where he worked on major pipeline projects in India, Argentina, and Egypt.

He initially headed the technical department and in 1967 became the head of the offshore construction division. Under his supervision Saipem became a leader in offshore pipe laying which included such early projects as the BP Forties (32 inch in 400 feet of water), Transmed (3 x 20 inch in 2000 feet of water) and Magnus (24 inch in 600 feet of water).

Following the formation of EMC, a Joint Venture between Saipem and Brown & Root, he became the general manager with many further technical successes. His latest achievements as a consultant on the Saipem 7000 include two 20” x 500 mile crossings of the Black Sea in 6800 feet of water.

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