Andre P. Jourdan

Year Inducted: 2014

Andre P. Jourdan

André P. Jourdan graduated from the Marseille Engineering School in France and began his career in 1964 with a drilling company. He joined Elf Aquitaine in 1969 as drilling engineer.

In 1980 he integrated the R&D department and was given the leadership of the “Horizontal Drilling Research Project”. In 1982, the first industrial horizontal well was drilled offshore in the Rospo Mare field in Italy. With a 600m horizontal section and a considerable increase of oil production, this world premier attracted the interest of the oil industry. Later on, André was loaned to other operators to serve as consultant for their first offshore/onshore horizontal well in USA, UK, India, Nederland and Norway. In 1990-1991 he was SPE Distinguished Lecturer and in 1991 he received the prestigious SPE “Drilling Engineering Award”.

Through his field experience, his numerous publications and conferences, André has been fully involved with Elf Aquitaine accelerating the worldwide acceptance and development of this technology. By improving productivity and drainage area per well, it is used today as a mean to achieve the best economical and technical reservoir management strategy.

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