Allan V. Martini

Year Inducted: 2007

Allan V. Martini

Renowned for his expertise in the geology of fluvial deposition, Allan Martini was largely instrumental in helping Chevron, build the largest lease position east of the Mississippi River. Conventional wisdom led many to believe that there were few opportunities for hydrocarbon production there, but Martini proved the experts wrong.

He led the development of Main Pass Blocks 40 and 41 oilfields, then followed with Main Pass Blocks 299 and 240. Over a ten year period, fields developed by Martini were tied with those of Shell for Gulf Coast production leadership.

Martini’s keen insight came into play when Chevron acquired the assets of Gulf Oil Corporation and Tenneco. His encouragement helped Chevron management recognize the potential of those assets. Chevron’s continued position as a major producer in the US Gulf of Mexico coastal and shelf areas can be largely credited to the pioneering spirit of Allan Martini.

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