Erle Palmer Halliburton

Erle Palmer Halliburton

Erle Palmer Halliburton was an early oilfield pioneer. He developed and perfected the technique of oil well cementing, designed to seal and support the steel casing in boreholes. This technology is an essential part of well construction. While the blowout preventer seals the inside of the pipe, the cement seals the outside, preventing hydrocarbons from leaking to the surface.

Halliburton cemented the first offshore well in the Creole Field in the Gulf of Mexico, commencing what has become the world’s most extensive offshore service.

The company Halliburton founded has grown in size and technical scope to be one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies with more than 72,000 employees in 80 countries.

With its strong sense of environmental stewardship, the company joined the Clean Gulf Association to provide material, equipment and trained crews to clean up spills. The HOSS high-volume open-sea system occupied a 52-ft by 160-ft barge and was the first of such systems. Technology is the backbone of the modern offshore industry, and Halliburton is a recognized leader with more than 13,300 US patents for development of tools and equipment to safely and cleanly produce the world’s hydrocarbon resources.

For his vision, drive and technical innovation, Erle Palmer Halliburton is recognized as a Founding Pioneer.

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