Hall of Fame Nomination Form 2022

Oilfield Energy Center 2022
Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form

The OEC Hall of Fame recognizes and awards two important categories: Industry Pioneers (IP) and Pioneer Technologies (PT). The IP is for individuals and the PT is for significant technologies developed by individual(s) and company(s) in the energy industry.

Honorees are selected from the pool of nominations by the OEC Hall of Fame Committee and approved by the OEC Board of Directors. Presentation of awards occurs at the annual Ocean Star Gala and a commemorative gift is presented to the honoree at a separate Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held annually at the Ocean Star Rig Museum. A precise definition for IP and PT is included below.

OEC Hall of Fame Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for nomination and consideration as an Industry Pioneer (IP) the following definition applies:

“When individuals distinguish themselves in such a way that they stand out clearly as leaders in the birth of a nation, movement, or industry they are recognized as pioneers. The oil and gas industry is replete with such individuals whose lives have become the legends of our time.
Whether through their vision, their drive, their ability to search, to innovate or lead the way, these people form the character of the industry and become its heritage. They are the industry pioneers. “

To be eligible for nomination and consideration as a Pioneering Technology (PT), the following definition applies:

“Technology evolves from the fertile minds of individuals and is nurtured by the culture and vision of companies and organizations. The oil and gas industry, owes its existence to the development and application of technology to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges in the search for energy. Certain technologies stand out as milestones in the development of our offshore resources. We honor the organizations and individuals who dreamed, who believed, who struggled, and who supported, and who achieved their prize and the innovations they used in their success. These are the technology pioneers.”

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(Note: you may be contacted by a HoF Committee Member to complete the nomination process)

If you wish to download and print this form, you can do so here.

Please return this form via email, fax or mail to the OEC Office,
Attn: Hall of Fame Nomination at:
1414 Enclave Parkway
Houston, TX 77077
Phone: 713-840-1753 Fax: 713-222-1885
Email: oec@oceanstaroec.com

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