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Participants will receive free admission to the Museum, and a digital version of the PE³: Expanding Energy Education guide. Although the workshop is free, a $15.00 fee will be charged to contribute towards the cost of the materials and postage. Workshops begin at 8:30am and end at 11:30pm, with an additional 3 hours of offline tasks to be submitted. Each participant will receive 6 hours of CPE credit and will be able to check out either the Knowledge Box or Playing with Petroleum Kit with free pick-up and delivery, within the Houston area.

The Knowledge Box is a free traveling classroom exhibit for students in grades 6-12 showcasing the oil and gas industry through hands-on activities, posters and multimedia presentations. Curriculum in the Knowledge Box is correlated to State and National Standards. After completing a Project E3 Workshop, teachers are eligible to reserve the Knowledge Box for a period up to 30 days for their classroom use. Delivery and pickup are provided free of charge.

Viewing the attached link will enable you to request a Knowledge Box.

Traveling Trunk Request Form

What’s in the Knowledge Box?

  • Teacher Binder with Activity & Lab Guides
  • 21 Videos/CDs/DVDs
  • 3 Envelopes/Pamphlets
  • 13 Activity /Resource Books
  • Contour Model Kits
  • Oil & Gas: The Production Story
  • Geology Demonstration Kit
  • Drill Bit Model & PIG Model
  • Polydensity Tubes (10) with bag of plastic pellets
  • 10 Models and Kits
  • Ride a Carbon Cycle Game
  • 6 Stereoscopes
  • 8 Interactive Board Games
  • Rock Samples and Oil Sample
  • 15 Publications
  • Game Pieces, Dice and Poker Chips
  • Pangea, Plate Tectonics & Continental Mat & Cutter
  • Teacher Manual
  • 15 copies of Earth’s Energy
  • Updated TEKS Correlations

The Knowledge Box enables students to:

  • Describe the origin of oil and natural gas
  • Discuss the importance of petroleum in our lives
  • Evaluate the economic and environmental impact/issues of fossil fuels
  • Understand the economic significance of the petroleum industry
  • List everyday objects made from petroleum

Knowledge Box Development sponsored by American Association of Drilling Engineers in conjunction with the Oilfield Energy Center.

For more information, contact:
Oilfield Energy Center
Doris Tomas, Education Director
5555 San Felipe Street, Suite 2119
Houston, TX  77056-2701
Tel: 713.840.1753
Direct: 281-783-1711
Fax: 281-783-1200


The Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit (MOLU)

MOLU I – Located in Houston, TX and services Texas and the West Coast
MOLU II – Located in Houston and services Louisiana and the East Coast
MOLU III – Located in central Pennsylvania and services Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and New York

These engaging traveling exhibits from the Oilfield Energy Center features six self-contained stations with curriculum-based, hands-on activities about energy and the technologies and sciences involved with the oil and gas industry. The curriculum for each of the 24 activities is correlated to The Next Generation National Science Standards – Grades 5 – 8. Although the MOLU is geared for 5th grade students, it is also appropriate for other age groups.

The exhibit is transported via truck/trailer for exhibition and set up in school gymnasiums or common areas. We can accommodate 48 students per session and conduct 4 sessions per day. Each session is 1 ½ hours long (total of 192 students per day). Students receive a “MOLU Pass” with questions that correlate to the 24 activities on all of the 6 stations.

Pre- and post-visit materials are provided to enhance the learning experience, which include, but are not limited to:
– Pre/Post tests with answer key
– Post visit – “MOLU Game”
– Energy At Work! Career Interest Profile
– The OEC’s “The Offshore Story” 15 minute video

The Mobile Oilfield Learning Units are available for visits to your school. To obtain a specific quote, make your reservation, or for more details, please contact Oilfield Energy Center at 713-840-1753 or email at dtomas@oceanstaroec.com

Click here to view a basic overview of the MOLU.

Pre-Test | Post-Test
Download MOLU Review Game PowerPoint

Teachers can reserve the Playing with Petroleum Kit for a period up to 14 days for their classroom use by attending a Project E3 workshop.  The Playing with Petroleum Kit is a FREE traveling classroom exhibit that brings hydrocarbon-based energy education to your students in a multidisciplinary format. Curriculum in the kit is correlated to State and National Standards. Delivery and pick up are provided free of charge. 

Viewing the attached links will enable you to request a Playing with Petroleum Kit.


Early Childhood link:


Traveling Trunk Request Form

What’s in the Playing with Petroleum Kit?

  • Gaston Lays and Offshore Pipeline & Activity
  • 8 Microfossil Rubbing Plates
  • Guide to Microfossils and the Search for Oil
  • Discoveries for Everyone
  • Drill Bit Model & PIG
  • 6 Sedimentator Tubes and Activities
  • 13 Models and Games
  • 6 Energy Balls
  • 6 Early Childhood Activities
  • 22 Publications
  • 19 Videos/CDs/DVDs
  • Teacher Manual
  • Solar Bead Lab
  • Insulator/Conductor Lab
  • 5 flat marbles and 1 die for all board games
  • Core Sample
  • Get the Petroleum Picture Activity
  • Bits of Fun (2 books-English & Spanish version)
    Correlation of PWP to TEKS

Playing with Petroleum Kit Objectives:

  • Describe how sediments are formed and their importance
  • Describe how microfossils are important to geologists
  • Describe the importance of petroleum in our daily lives and objects made from petroleum
  • Identify how petroleum is formed and what organisms become petroleum
  • Understand the commitment of the oil industry in protecting the environment

For more information, contact:
Oilfield Energy Center
Doris Tomas, Education Director
5555 San Felipe Street, Suite 2119
Houston, TX  77056-2701
Tel: 713.840.1753
Direct: 281-783-1711
Fax: 281-783-1200


Latest edition of Educational Programs Guide is now available: See Hear & Do features a comprehensive look at the educational opportunities offered by Oilfield Energy Center (OEC).  All programs coordinated through OEC are correlated to State and National Standards.

This essential resource for teachers, administrators and scout leaders lists weekend programs, fieldtrip information, program presentations, and teacher workshops available on the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum and Education Center.

Contact Education Director Doris Tomas at 281-783-1711 for a copy of the guide or download the guide.

Sponsored by API Houston Chapter

  • Sixteen pages of interactive activities and games that relate to various exhibits on and around the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum.
  • A record of the child’s visit to the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum.
  • Free to all students 14 and under.
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