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A Dictionary For The Petroleum Industry, 2nd Edition
2nd Ed. published by PETEX

This best-selling resource for all industry personnel has just been updated.  The helpful reference contains over 12,000 definitions of terms used in petroleum, geology, exploration, drilling, production, pipelining, processing, refining accounting & marketing.  It features over 540 2-color illustrations and an easy to use format.  It also includes contact information for industry associations and key government agencies and lists of common abbreviations, SI units and metric equivalents.
336 pp. 2011 Paperback

Item #243


Deepwater Petroleum Exploration & Production: A Nontechnical Guide
by William L. Leffler, Richard Pattarozzi, and Gordon Sterling

In this new 2nd edition readers will find extensive coverage of all aspects of deepwater operations, including historic background and an outlook to future developments.  The authors compare and contrast offshore operations to the shelf and onshore operations throughout the book.  This new edition adds chapters on geology and geophysics, rigs and service vehicles.  Engineering and scientific schemes used in deepwater are covered in greater detail, and a final chapter presenting the latest technology used in the “third wave” of offshore industry evolution has been added.
350 pp. 2011 hardback

Item# 664


Roughneckin: My Life & Times as a Cowboy, Petroleum Engineer and Offshore Pioneer
by Robert F. Bauer with F Jay Schempf

This book is the Autobiography of Robert Bauer , the founder of Global Marine Inc. and a true pioneer of the offshore oil industry.              180pp.  2009       Hardback

Item# 1731




Tenneco: Built From Scratch
Produced by Story Arts Media

“A memoir by some who were there”

This book was made possible through the collaboration of a group of former employees and follows the company from its birth as the Tennessee Gas Transmission Company that built a 1,265 mile pipleline to bring much needed gas north during World War II, through its growth into The Energy Companies of Tennneco, to its downfall during the turbulent years of the 1980’s.  It is written as a tribute to the people who worked to create a unique giant in the energy world.               359pp.  2013        Paperback           8.5”x11”


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