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Fires of Kuwait - DVD
Firestorm in the desert: the terrible legacy of the Gulf War - 607 oil wells burning out of control, ignited by retreating Iraqi troops.  Firefighters from 10 countries answered Kuwait's cry for help.  Supported by more than 10,000 people from 40 nations, they battled and won.  A 1992 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, Fires of Kuwait is a dramatic story of human ingenuity, cooperation and courage.  39 Mins. 1992/2001

Fires of Kuwait was filmed in the IMAX format and exhibited in IMAX theaters worldwide.  This DVD version is digitally mastered from the original 70MM film elements with the sound components specially mixed and mastered to produce the highest quality Dolby Surround soundtrack.

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This two hour John Wayne classic pays tribute to oil field legend "Red" Adair. The movie also stars Katherine Ross and Jim Hutton. By Universal Studios 1968.

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Life on a Rig - DVD
Created by the Offshore Energy Center as part of an exhibit of offshore living, this DVD has become one of the favorites of visitors to the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum. It showcases many of the jobs available on an offshore rig. Approximately 15 minutes long. By the Offshore Energy Center 1997.

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Oil Rigs - The History Channel
This DVD presents a comprehensive look at the life cycle of oil rigs.  Viewers travel to the Gulf of Mexico to learn how oil rigs are designed and built and then to Basso Marine in Houston to find out how these steel giants are dismantled and removed from the ocean floor once they have been decommissioned.   Finally the viewer will discover how many of today’s defunct oil rigs are being recycled into artificial reefs and floating hotels.
47 minutes

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