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Technology evolves from the fertile minds of individuals, and is nurtured by the culture and vision of companies and organizations. The oil and gas industry, especially the offshore, owes its existence to the development and application of technology to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges in the search for energy. Certain technologies stand out as milestones in the development of our offshore resources. We honor the organizations and individuals who dreamed, who believed, who supported, who struggled and who achieved their prize and the innovations they used in their success. These are the technology pioneers.

Technology Winners:

Construction Technology:

Rig Building Shipyards, 2007

Drilling (Mobile Drilling Units)
Drillships (Moored Vessels), 1999
First and Second Generation Semisubmersible Drilling Rigs, 2000
Drilling Equipment
Dynamic Brakes, 1999
Marine Riser Support Systems (Tensioners), 2000
Marine Riser Systems, 2001
Power Anchor Development, 2002
Underwater Wellheads, 1999
Drilling Technology
Development of Offshore Drilling Equipment, 2003
Drillstring Motion Compensators, 2004
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, 2008
Mobile Drilling Units: Tender Rigs, 1998
Mobile Drilling Units: Submersible Rigs, 1998
Mobile Drilling Units: Jackup Rigs
, 1998
Spiral Drill Collar, 2007
Subsea BOP Control Systems, 2001
Top Drive Drilling System, 2006
The Forces of Nature
Offshore Foundation Design, 2001
The National Hurricane Center, 2003
Wave Forces, 1998
Wind, Wave & Current Hindcasting
, 1998
Wind, Wave and Current Hindcasting, 2007
Health, Safety & Environment
API Recommended Practice 14C, 2008
Code Development: ABS Rules for MODUs, 1998
Development of Offshore Safety Programs, 2003
Environmental Protection - Clean Gulf Associates, 2000
Mariculture, 1999
Minerals Management Service (MMS) Federal Regulations, 2009
Offshore Safety and Survival Training, 2004
Offshore Structures and Activities Insurance, 2006
Rigs-To-Reefs, 1998
Reliability-based Design of Marine Structures, 2002
The Cullen Report—Offshore Safety Case, 2005
The Personnel Transfer Net, 2001
Zero-Discharge Rigs, 2007
Marine & Air Transportation
Supply Boats, 1998
Helicopters, 1998
Marine Construction
Crane Vessels, 1999
Production Technology
Coiled Tubing, 2008
Concrete Gravity Structures, 2004
Concrete Gravity Structures, 2007
Flexible Pipe Technology, 2006
Platforms: Piled, 1998
Pipelay Vessels, 1999
Pipelines, 1998
Reeled Pipeline Laying, 2004
Spar Floating Platforms, 2005
Tension Leg Platforms, 2005
Science & Technology:

First Generation Dynamic Position (DP) Vessels

, 2009
The Search for Oil & Gas
Bright Spot Seismic Interpretation, 2006
First Marine 3D Survey, 2005
Geophysical Subsurface Imaging, 2002

Marine Exploration, 1998
Marine Seismic, 1999
Multi-Lateral Drilling, 2003
Subsea Technology
Diving, 1998
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), 2009


2011 Call for Nominations
2011 Industry Pioneer Nomination Form 
2011 Technology Pioneer Nomination Form

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