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When individuals distinguish themselves in such a way that they stand out clearly as leaders in the birth of a nation, movement or industry, they are recognized as pioneers. The oil and gas industry is replete with such individuals whose lives have become the legends of our time. Whether through their vision, their drive, their business acumen, their ability to search, to innovate or lead the way, these people form the character of the industry and become its heritage. They are the industry pioneers.

Industry Pioneer Name Year  Inducted
Adair, Paul N. "Red" 1998
Aliyev, Agha 2004
Bailey, H.W. 2000
Barrow, Thomas D "Tom" 1998
Bauer, Robert F. "Bob" 1999
Bookout, Jr., John F. 2001
Boyadjieff, George 2007
Brown, Herman 1999
Brown, George R. 1999
Brown, Robert J. 2008
Bush, George H.W. 2001
Candlish, Tom 2005
Clements, Governor William P. 2000
Collipp, Bruce G. 1998
Crooke, R. Curtis 2001
Curutchet, Jean 2007
Danielson, Otis 2009
de Carvalho, Yvan Barretto 2004
Delauze,  Henri G. 2003
Delong, Leon B. 1998
Dunham, Archie W. 2006
Flowers, Billy S. 2003
Foster, Joe 2004
Fox, Sr., Beldon 2008
Frankhouser, Homer S. 2009
Funkhouser, Larry 2002
Geer, Ronald L. 2002
Goins, Dub 2005
Goldman, Jerome L. 1998
Gonzalez, Alfonso Barnetche 2001
Green, Cecil H. 1998
Guy, Arthur Lee 2002
Hammett, Dillard S. 2001
Handelman, Lad 1999
Hare, Donald S. 2009
Hayward, John T. 2001
Heerema, Pieter S. 1998
Horton, Ed 2008
Hughes, D. Michael "Mike" 1999
Jonkman, Fredrik Johan 2000
Karcher, PhD, John Clarence 1999
Koomey,Paul C. 2003
Laborde, Alden J. "Doc" 1998
Laborde, Sr., John 2005
Le Tourneau, Robert G. 1998
Lee, Griff C. 1998
Lloyd, Samuel H. 2003
Lubinski, Arthur 1998
Martini, Allan V. 2007
Matthews, Charles D. 2006
McAdams, Ronald E. "Mac" 2007
McClure, Alan C. 2003
McDermott, Ralph Thomas 1999
McGee, Dean 1998
Mohr, Harvey O. 2006
Moore, W. Henson 1999
Mosing, Frank 2007
Noble, Capt. W.D. 2002
Olsen, Fred 1999
Palmer, Robert 2004
Paramore, Ed 2006
Pease, F. Tim 1998
Rabinowitz, Philip 2008
Rankin, John L. 2000
Regan, Jack 2005
Reinhold, Walter B. 2006
Rey-Grange, Andre C. 2007
Rike, Jim 2009
Sararov, Yusif  2004
Serrano, Jorge Diaz 2004
Shatto, Jr., Howard L. 2000
Siem, Ole Martin 2009
Silas, Pete 2005
Silcox, William H. 1999
Silvestri, Antonio 2006
Stallworth, Bill  2008
Storm, James Clay 2002
Suggs, Robert L. 1998
Weidler, PhD, Jay B. 1998
Wilson, Richard O. "Dick" 2000
Wood, Sir Ian 2008
Zinkgraf, H.L. "Duke" 2000



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