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Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing technology from the first patent memorandum (1959) and feasibility determination through its development into accepted workover, drilling and flow line/pipeline technology has had a major impact on drilling, completion and production both onshore and offshore.  Coiled tubing first used offshore in the mid 1960s had pipe quality problems accentuated by repeated bending of the tube and connections; however, through perseverance these issues were solved and the concept has developed into a dependable and economic concept.

Coiled Tubing technology provides a means for well re-entry that makes difficult horizontal and deepwater wells feasible and cost effective.  Via the continuous tube it provides a safe and economical means to successfully do completions and workovers under surface well pressure.  It has increased produceable reserves and prolonged the life of thousands of wells via its versatility in fishing, sand removal, recompletion, well diagnosis, and just about every well rework required.  It is ideal for horizontal and multilateral workovers, redrills, completions, side tracking and other operations in the realm of prolonging well life and adding reserves.  Under certain circumstances it has recently proven an effective drilling tool.

Coiled Tubing technology development over the last 50 years has become one of the most versatile tools for well and reserve management, including completions, workovers, drilling and flow line/pipeline operations.

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following individuals and companies that contributed to the development of this technology:

Joe R. Brown, Cicero C. Brown, Charles B. Corley, Jr., William B. (Bill) Hansen Harry Pistole, Jim L. Rike , Albert L. (Al) Vitter, Jr. Brown Oil Tools (now Baker Hughes), Chevron, Humble Oil & Refining Co. (now ExxonMobil)


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