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André C. Rey-Grange

After earning MS degrees in civil, mechanical and petroleum engineering, André Rey-Grange began his career as a drilling engineer. In 1964, he joined Neptune, and led a joint research program that resulted in the design and construction of the first Pentagone moored semisumbersible drilling rig, intended for the harsh sea environments of the North Sea.

The Pentagone design was chosen because it smoothed out motion from wave action and provided good damage stability in case one of the pontoons became flooded. Its innovations include the cable mooring system (instead of chains), the cellar deck arrangement, the heave compensation systems for both hook and riser, the blowout preventer and riser systems, and the power plant. In more than 20 years of service in extreme environments, the Pentagone rigs outperformed all other designs in their ability to stay on station and keep operating in adverse weather.

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