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E. L. (Ed) Paramore

Ed Paramore was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma, on the 1st of August 1916. Following the example of Horatio Alger, Paramore realized the benefits of perseverance and hard work. Starting as a truck driver at Halliburton when he was twenty, he rose to the rank of Vice Chairman of the world’s largest oilfield service company before his retirement in 1981. 

Assigned to the company’s New Orleans office, Paramore performed the first successful offshore well treatment. Subsequently he led the development of a complete line of well servicing equipment and techniques specifically designed for offshore. Recognizing that the offshore industry’s growth could only be sustained if careful stewardship of the offshore environment became an integral part of operations, Paramore founded and managed the Clean Gulf Consortium, a non-profit cooperative alliance of companies whose goal is prevention of environmental incidents and quick response to remediate any that occur. This organization became the model for similar such alliances protecting our ocean resources around the world today. 

Among Paramore’s technical contributions are offshore skid-mounted pressure pumping and cementing equipment, well-testing units, bulk handling equipment, sand control and improved techniques for fighting offshore blowouts and well fires. He consulted with other offshore pioneers to develop specialty well service and supply vessels to serve the industry.

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