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The first use of TLPs represents a very significant step in the advancement of floating platforms for the offshore petroleum industry.  The basic concept for a TLP-type floating platform was being discussed in the early 1970s, driven by the perceived needs for such technology to produce the expected deep water developments.  In 1973 Deep Oil Technology (DOT) formed a Joint Interest Project (JIP) funded by 12 companies.  The JIP was basically the testing of a one-third (1/3) scale model TLP offshore California and being successfully completed in 1975.   

While most JIP participants did not show a great interest, Conoco, under the direction of L. B. “Buck” Curtis and N.D. “Scotty” Birrell recognized the potential for the technology and continued studies within Conoco.  This eventually led to the decision by Conoco to form an engineering group in the UK to design and install a TLP in the North Sea in Conoco’s Hutton Field. While the Hutton Field was in 485 feet of water, conventional type sea floor based structures could have been used.  However, Conoco recognized the need for floating platforms for eventual deepwater production.  The decision was made to develop the Hutton Field by developing the first major TLP.  It was successfully installed in 1984—approximately 14 years after first becoming interested in the concept.  The Hutton TLP proved to be very successful and subsequently several other major TLPs have been installed in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico – a very significant enabling technology. 

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following individuals and companies who contributed to this technology: 

Norman D. “Scotty” Birrell, L. B. “Buck” Curtis, Thomas O. Marr, John A. “Jack” Mercier, David Vories, Brown & Root/Vickers Offshore (Halliburton) and Conoco (ConocoPhillips)


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