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First Marine 3D Survey

The first commercial marine 3D survey was conducted in 1975 by Sun Oil Company and Geophysical Service Inc. (GSI), a division of Texas Instruments (TI). Four technologies enabled the survey, credited as the key to deepwater offshore exploration: First, Dr. Milo Backus of GSI developed 3D seismic technology that enabled use of TIís Automatic Scientific Supercomputer. 

Second, the previously-developed marine Air Gun, was made technically practical by Ben F. Giles who spearheaded the effort to make it work in the field environment.  

Third, were software tools required to process the massive volume of data recorded. Performing the research and developing the initial modules were Dr. William A. Schneider and Edward R. Tegland.  

Finally, Marvin Murphy placed sensitive compasses in the marine streamer to transmit real-time information about its location as it was towed behind the seismic vessel. 

These technologies, combined into a functional system, enabled marine 3D seismic. R. J. Graebner, the technology coordinator, and M. E. Trostle, the operations coordinator, entered into an agreement with Charles (Chuck) Kiely of the Sun Oil Company to achieve the first successful commercial marine 3D survey. 

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following individuals and companies who contributed to this technology: 

Dr. Milo Backus, Ben F. Giles, Robert J. Graebner, Charles (Chuck) Kiely, Marvin Murphy, Dr. William A. Schneider, Edward R. Tegland, and M.E. (Shorty) Trostle, Geophysical Service Inc. (Texas Instruments Inc.), and Sun Oil Company (Kerr McGee Corp.)


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