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Yvan Barretto de Carvalho

Yvan Barretto de Carvalho designed and placed the first piled platform offshore Brazil. Carvalho was a Civil Engineer who started as a trainee in the oilfield on a Drillexco rig. He was selected to go to the USA for 3 years to specialize in Drilling engineering at the University of Southern California.  He was General Manager of Petrobras’ office in New York for 4 years and upon his return was named to the Petrobras Board and also made Director of Exploration and Production.

    During his time at Petrobras he designed and performed the first directional drilling operation of a well in Brazil. He also designed and supervised the construction of the first piled platform and a prototype of a tender to be used for the drilling of the first offshore well in Brazil in Dom Joao - Bahia State. As an example of his leadership, he designed equipment for the transportation of a complete drilling rig between offshore locations reducing the 4 days moving time to only 8 hours, taking advantage of the local tide differential.

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