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The National Hurricane Center 

Weather, particularly severe weather, has been a concern to the offshore oil and gas industry since the beginning. From the first offshore operations in 1948, thousands of structures, both permanent and temporary, have been sited on the continental shelf and slope. At the same time an immense supply and support infrastructure has blossomed along the Gulf Coast from Mobile to Brownsville. Thousands of oilfield workers make their homes there, and the investment in structures, facilities, and equipment amounts to billions of dollars. All are at the mercy of wind, rain and tides.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding life and property by providing the most timely and reliable warnings of actual and potential tropical storm activity to agencies and governments charged with public safety. Accordingly, the NHC plays a vital role in keeping the offshore industry informed so they can implement safety procedures, evacuate workers, and protect equipment and the environment efficiently and cost-effectively.

The accurate forecasts of storm intensity, size and forward motion allow affected populations to implement predesigned plans to prepare for the storm in an orderly, prioritized way. This is most evident in the offshore oil industry, where storm preparedness is carefully staged to provide maximum protection for workers both offshore and on land, as well as for their equipment and facilities. Unfortunately, many of the lessons came at a high price, and storms such as Betsy, Carla, and Audrey are still remembered for their devastating effect on the industry, as well as the coastal communities.

Then, the industry was unprepared, but today, thanks to the work of the NHC, these unfortunate results are but a fading memory. It is a tribute to the skill and dedication of the NHC workers that, due to the steadily improved quality, accuracy and timeliness of their predictions, the offshore oil and gas industry has been able to persevere, exploring farther and farther from shore in deepening waters, confident that they will have the weather information they need to proceed safely.   

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following organization that contributed to the development of the offshore industry: 

The National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center


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