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Reliability-based Design of Marine Structures

Marine structures are particularly suited for reliability analysis and reliability-based design because of the randomness and uncertainties in the loading caused by extreme wave, wind, current and earthquake conditions and the uncertainties in the strength of marine structures. Reliability analysis is a process for evaluating the randomness of loads and resistances in order to estimate the reliability of the structure, i.e., the probability that it does not fail during its lifetime. Reliability-based design is a procedure for achieving structural designs with sufficiently high reliability.

Reliability analysis has been particularly useful in assessing existing structures that have suffered damage or experienced changes in loading conditions, and in deciding among alternative remedial actions. For the design of new structures, a procedure called Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) has been developed that helps size each component of a structure without embarking on a complex reliability evaluation. The factors are based on probabilistic parameters that characterize load and resistance uncertainties and randomness. New designs using LRFD and advanced reliability methods are more efficient than old designs because the reliability among structural components is better balanced and steel is placed where it does the most good. These reliability-based procedures have been incorporated in the development of new API and ISO standards for the design of marine structures.

Following are some of the many individuals who pioneered in the development of this technology for marine structures:

  • Michael J. Baker
  • Robert G. Bea
  • C. Allin Cornell
  • Michael Efthymiou
  • Svein Fjeld
  • Ove Gudmestad
  • Richard D. Larrabee
  • James R. Lloyd
  • Henrik O. Madsen
  • Peter W. Marshall
  • Torgeir Moan
  • Fred Moses
  • Bernhard Stahl
  • Wilson H. Tang
  • Paul H. Wirsching

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