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The Search For Oil & Gas

Geophysical Subsurface Imaging

The geophysical (seismic) recorded signal in three dimensions requires a mathematical adjustment (migration) prior to use in determining potential drill locations. This adjustment, which involves many thousands of computations, requires significant computational power and speed. Prior to the introduction of digital computers into the oil and gas exploration, this process performed on geophysical data recorded in two dimensions was accomplished utilizing non-computer-aided methods. Donald W. Rockwell recognized the requirements and the value of this adjustment and visualized how it could be accomplished. His early original work toward this filed in 1964 resulted in him being granted an U. S. Patent in 1967 (#3,353,151). His patent provided building blocks for the early computer implementation of the mathematical adjustment and its refinement and widespread extensive use in current oil and gas exploration and production activities around the world continue to validate this important development.

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following individuals and companies who contributed to the development of this technology:

Donald W. Rockwell

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