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Environmental Protection - Clean Gulf Associates

In 1972, thirty-three oil and service companies formed and funded Clean Gulf Associates (CGA) as a non-profit association dedicated to protect the Gulf of Mexico and its coastline from environmental damage.

CGA has purchased over $15M of oil spill response equipment and stockpiled it at strategic locations from Texas to Mississippi. The inventory includes immediate response boats, a skimming barge, self-contained skimming packages for use on vessels of opportunity, self propelled shallow water skimmers, containment booms, and a wildlife rehabilitation trailer for treating oiled birds. CGA also has a large stockpile of chemical dispersants whcih can be applied by aircraft to "break up" any oil spills.

CGA equipment is available to anyone needing it, and has been used on major clean up efforts, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and the Mega Borg tanker fire off Galveston including spills that occasionally occur in transportation operations. Fortunately, strict safety procedures and technologically sophisticated equipment used in the offshore search for oil have resulted in very few spill incidents at the many drilling and production sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the founding members of Clean Gulf Associates:

Amerada Hess Corporation
Amoco Production Co., Atlantic Richfield Co. (BP)
Belco Oil & Gas Corp.
Burmah Oil Development Inc. (Phillips Petroleum Company)
Chevron Oil Co. (ChevronTexaco)
Cities Service Oil Co. (Occidental Petroleum Co.)
Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation (Dominion Exploration & Prod.)
Continental Oil Company/Conoco
Exchange Oil & Gas Corp. (Williams Gas Pipeline Transco)
Forest Oil Corporation
General American Oil Co. of Texas (Phillips Petroleum Company)
Gulf Oil Company (ChevronTexaco)
Humble Oil Co. Mobil Oil Corp., Superior Oil Co. Trans Ocean Oil Inc. (ExxonMobil)
Hunt Oil Co.
Kerr-McGee Corp.
Ocean Drilling & Exploration Co. (Murphy Oil Corp.)
Oil & Gas Futures Inc. of Texas
Pennzoil Company (Devon Energy)
Phillips Petroleum Company
Placid Oil Co. (Hunt Petroleum Corp.)
Shell Oil Co.
Signal Oil & Gas Co. (Phillips Petroleum Company)
Skelly Oil Co. (ChevronTexaco)
Southern Natural Gas Co., (Southern Natural Gas an El Paso Energy Company)
Sun Oil Company (Kerr-McGee Corp.)
Tenneco (ChevronTexaco)
Texaco, Inc. (ChevronTexaco)
Union Oil of California/UNOCAL

Also recognizing the Pioneering efforts of Halliburton for their role in assisting the CGA in successfully implementing the Clean Gulf Program.

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