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Offshore California in 1981, Phillips Petroleum paved the way for the use of production platforms as mariculture centers. Driven by a need to frequently clean platform legs of 3-foot thick layers of mussels, Phillips tackled the challenge of introducing mussel harvesting as a business. Bob Meek of Ecomar, Inc. worked with Phillips' Greg Stephens and Texaco's Dominic Gregorio to turn the $100,000 annual expense of platform leg cleaning into a commercial success.

Spurred by the early success of the venture, the industry has been working with various mariculture companies and educational institutions to conduct feasibility studies of establishing offshore finfish commercial mariculture operations in the Gulf of Mexico. It is felt that the industry's many offshore cultures can play a major role in meeting the public's growing demand for healthful seafood.


Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following people and companies who contributed to the development of this technology:

Dr. Robert Meek/Ecomar, Inc.
Greg. A. Stephens, Dominic Gregorio
Phillips Petroleum, Texaco (ChevronTexaco)


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