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Getting the hydrocarbons from the platform offshore to where it was to be processed onshore required pipelines. Brown & Root laid pipelines in Galveston Bay as well as the first oil pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico to connect the early Creole (now Exxon) platform to shore. The first "offshore" pipeline (10 inch, concrete coated) 10 miles long, in the Gulf of Mexico for gathering gas from the Cameron field, was constructed by Brown & Root 1954. Frank Motley built the first ramp to allow the pipeline to angle more gently from the lay barge to the ocean floor. This was further developed to the "stinger" used in today's pipeline operations. Carl Langner advanced technology with the articulated stinger for the S-Lay technique used in deepwater. Sammy Collins (Submarine Pipelines Ltd.) was responsible for the development of controlled flotation pipe laying technology--pulling the pipeline out from shore supported by pontoon barges. Gurtler Hebert developed the fixed reel pipe laying barge in 1961. Dr. Yoram Goren was responsible for the development of the reel ship in 1975 and the Choctaw, the first semi-submersible pipelay barge.

Recognizing the pioneering efforts of the following people and companies who contributed to the development of this technology:

Sammy V. Collins, Yoram Goren, Gurtler Hebert, Carl G. Langner, Frank Motley Brown & Root, Creole (ExxonMobil), Santa Fe International (GlobalSantaFe), Shell


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