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Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota: Volume II, Ocean and Coastal Economy
Edited by James C. Cato

This book provides information and baseline data useful for assessing the goals of economic and environmental sustainability in the Gulf of Mexico.  In five chapters; economists, political scientists and ecologists cover topics such as: the idea of the Gulf as a transnational community; the quantitative value of its productivity; a summary of the industries dependent on the Gulf, including shipping, tourism, oil & gas mining, fisheries, recreation and real estate; the human uses and activities that affect coastal economies and the economic trends evident in Mexico’s drive toward coastal development. 
136 pp. 2008 Hardcover

Item #1413


Drilling Technology In Nontechnical Language 2nd Edition
By Steve Devereux

This overview of onshore and offshore drilling operations and technology has been completely rewritten and updated.  Readers are taken through the entire drilling process from basic drilling geology through managing drilling operations.  Key management issues such as safety, the environment, costs, and regulations are covered.  This edition includes a new chapter on getting work in the drilling industry, new graphics to make concepts and equipment easier to understand as well as explanations of newer drilling technologies.  The “Well Control” chapter has been carefully rewritten to cover issues surrounding the BP Macondo blowout.
370pp.  2012 hardback

Item# 1459


Historic Photos of Texas Oil
By Mike Cox

Join author and historian Mike Cox in this photographic visit to the heyday of Texas crude as he recounts the stories of key oil-patch discoveries around the state.  Nearly 200 images in vivid black-and-white, with captions and introductions, offer a roughneck-close look at this uniquely American tale of dry holes and gushers, ragtowns and riches, boomtowns, blowouts and wildcatters gone broke.   204pp. 2009


Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry: A Nontechnical Guide
By Joseph F. Hilyard

This book provides a broad perspective on the oil and gas industry, with primary attention to the United States.  The main focus is on the equipment and processes used in exploring new resources; evaluating promising formations; drilling well; managing oil & gas production’ converting oil & gas into products; and transporting oil & gas.  Three appendices define key industry terminology, suggest further reading on selected topics and identify organizations that can provide more information

332pp.  2012       Hardcover


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