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Pioneering Offshore: The Early Years
by F. Jay Schempf for the Offshore Energy Center

This book covers the offshore industry from its birth in the late nineteenth century, through the mid- 1960's.  It uses first hand stories from the pioneers inducted into the Offshore Energy Center’s Hall of Fame to provide a historical context for their contributions in the industry’s advancement.

This new book offers an intimate feel for the industry’s early years and will assist the reader in grasping the enormous scope of the search for offshore oil and gas in the future.  241pp. 2007 Hardback

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The Jennifer Project
by Clyde W. Burleson

This is a remarkable true cold-war story of the high-tech espionage, money, power, & politics involved in the raising of a Soviet-G class Sub that sank in the Pacific in 1974.  183pgs. 1997 Paperback

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The Offshore Imperative: Shells Search for Petroleum in Postwar America
by Tyler Priest

Mr. Priest's study marks the first telling of the modern history of Shell Oil. His narrative covers important aspects of Shell's corporate evolution but focuses on the companies pioneering steps into the deepwater fields of the Gulf of Mexico. By demonstrating that deepwater methods were the result of accumulated knowledge and improvement to technical systems built over a half-century; Mr. Priest illuminates not only the history of Shell Oil but the modern history of the petroleum itself. 
314pp. 2007 Paperback

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The Strategic Petroleum Reserve: U.S. Energy Security and Oil Politics 1975-2005
by Bruce Beaubouef

This book provides an excellent history and evaluation of our nations primary energy policy tool; the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Mr. Beaubouef shows how the interactions of business, consumers and both domestic and foreign government officials have shaped the development of the SPR over the past thirty years. It should be of interest to anyone concerned with the history, economy and politics of the oil and gas industry. 
334pp. 2007 Hardback

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